Easy DIY Board and Batten Wall!

Learn how to install an easy DIY Board and Batten Wall!

Let's get started!


• Miter saw • Brad nailer • Level • Pry-bar and hammer • Lumber • Construction adhesive • Primer and paint • Paint roller and tray

Remove & replace the  existing baseboard 


Use a pry-bar and hammer to remove the baseboard. Install the new 1x4 baseboard along the bottom of the wall with a brad nailer and brad nails.

Attach the middle board to the wall


Use a level and mark  up from the top of the baseboard on each side of the wall. Cut a board to size for the length of the wall and install it at those marks with brad nails into the wall studs.

Determine spacing & attach vertical boards to wall


Cut each board to size and then attach them to the wall using Liquid Nails and a brad nailer.

Add the top board to the board and batten wall


Cut your board to size and install it on top of the middle board with brad nails and construction adhesive to create a top ledge.

Fill nail holes, caulk, and paint


Fill nail holes with spackle, caulk all seams, and finish with paint!