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The Easiest DIY Minimalist Christmas Wreath

Learn how to quickly make the easiest DIY minimalist Christmas wreath!

For the past few years I have been wanting a Christmas wreath for our front door that looks nice and also has lights with a timer built into it. In the past, I have always loved having a minimalistic, real, Christmas wreath though for our front door because it looks so pretty.

I have made a DIY Christmas wreath in the past and it’s a lot of work and time consuming to make it from scratch starting with a wire wreath form. Although, it does smell great and look beautiful!

DIY minimalist Christmas wreath with pre-lit lights and christmas jingle bells

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So I came up with the idea this year to start with a faux Christmas wreath with a timer and lights and mix in real Christmas greenery to make the wreath look real, but still be a super easy and simple DIY Christmas wreath!

To my delight, this idea worked out incredibly well! I love it when ideas work out!

The wreath also has a minimalist style too it, which I love for the holiday season!

easy DIY minimalist Christmas wreath

Greenery and decor for wreath

To create a minimalist Christmas wreath, gather decor and ribbon that has a simple pattern or solid color to it. I like to play around with different textures, like velvet and satin, to create a simple, Christmas look. I also like to use neutral colors.

For the greenery, gather more simple greenery that dries out well. If you’re lucky and have this type of greenery in your yard, it’s totally free.

Otherwise you can find it at a local nursery or grocery store. I found mine at Trader Joe’s, but Whole Foods has good options too!

Another resource option is to get greenery on Etsy! There are great options like this cedar and boxwood.

Example greenery and natural elements include boxwood, eucalyptus, berries, pine cones, dried orange slices, holly, and different types of pine like juniper, fir, cypress, and cedar. Your local craft store likely has some of these options too!

supplies for wreath: jingle bells, ribbon, and greenery

Also, don’t forget the Christmas bells! I bought this smaller Christmas bells set and larger Christmas bells set to have options. Bells work great for holiday decorations.

Here are the links to all of the ribbons and bells in the above photo!

How to Make an Easy DIY Minimalist Christmas Wreath



DIY Christmas Wreath Video Tutorial:

Watch how I made this easy DIY Christmas Wreath and check out my Christmas decorating in my Christmas DIY and decorate with me video!

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Youtube video for the easy diy christmas wreath

1. Start with a Faux Christmas Wreath

The first step is to get a simple, faux Christmas wreath to use as your wreath base. That’s what makes this project super easy, since you do not need to start with an embroidery hoop, wreath form, or wreath hoop!

Any kind will work, but I think investing in a nice, higher quality wreath makes this wreath look the most realistic.

I found this beautiful artificial fir wreath that’s pre-lit with warm white LED lights and battery operated with a timer! It’s exactly what I wanted and the quality is amazing, it’s the nicest faux wreath I’ve ever seen! The needles look real.

faux Christmas wreath that looks real and pre-lit with lights

Begin by fluffing out the branches and needles on the faux Christmas wreath for the base.

2. Attach the first layer of greenery to the Christmas wreath

Start attaching your first layer of greenery to the wreath. My first layer of greenery is eucalyptus.

You can use floral wire to do this by cutting small pieces with scissors and wrapping it around the greenery and wreath branches. Or if your wreath already has lights like mine, you can utilize the light string.

attaching real greenery to faux wreath with floral wire

One of the best parts about this wreath for this project is that it made tucking in the greenery into it super easy.

Because the branches are so sturdy and it had light strings already attached, both of these features made it really easy to tuck the greenery securely into place. I didn’t need to use much floral wire, I only needed it for about half the branches that I added!

tucking greenery under wreath light strand

You can see this in action in my easy DIY Christmas wreath video here!

eucalyptus added to DIY Christmas wreath

Just keep working your way around the wreath with the first layer of greenery so it has a balanced look all the way around. You don’t want to over do it here with the first layer, keep it more simple and natural!

3. Add a second layer of greenery

Repeat step #2 again but with a different, second layer of greenery. I used boxwood branches, which were even easier to stick into the wreath since they are so sturdy.

adding boxwood to DIY minimalist Christmas wreath

4. Add any remaining greenery or natural elements

At this point you can add more layers of greenery or other natural elements like berries and pine cones.

Originally, I had bought berries to add, but I liked the more minimalist look of not adding more at this point. It’s personal preference though!

5. Attach a bow or ribbon to the DIY minimalist Christmas Wreath

Add ribbon or a bow with ribbon to the top of the wreath. I always have to reference this viral video on how to tie the perfect bow because I forget how to do it half of the time haha!

I attached this beautiful, brown satin ribbon to the wreath with some floral wire.

tying floral ribbon around sating ribbon to make a bow

Tip: Make sure to use fabric cutting scissors for a clean ribbon cut, it makes a huge difference!

Then I tied the perfect bow! I kept my ribbon extra long so that I can trim the ends at the end.

Again see all of this in action in my easy DIY Christmas wreath video.

perfect bow with brown satin ribbon on to DIY minimalist Christmas wreath

Originally, I wanted to layer in more ribbon bows with this gold velvet ribbon and blue velvet ribbon. But, when I tried this out, it just wasn’t looking right. Again less is more here with a DIY minimalist wreath!

6. Hang the wreath up and add Christmas bells

Next, hang the wreath up where you want it, I chose my front door. I used a command hook to hang my wreath from. I added floral wire, looped, to the back of the wreath to hang from the hook.

Finally, finish the minimalist Christmas wreath off with festive Christmas bells if desired! I love these rustic, brass bells I used, they have a nice jingle to them and are perfect for the Christmas season.

DIY minimalist Christmas wreath with brown satin ribbon and vintage brass jingle bells on front door

I found it easiest to install a small nail with a hammer into my door right below the command hook to hang the bells from since the rope on my bells was rather thick and they were a bit to heavy for the command hook to hold along with the wreath.

You can see all of these details in the DIY Christmas Wreath video!

minimalist Christmas wreath DIY with brown satin ribbon and vintage brass jingle bells
DIY minimalist Christmas wreath on black front door

I absolutely love how our DIY minimalist Christmas wreath turned out on our updated front porch, it’s the perfect simple festive touch for this time of year! It’s a great way to start decorating for Christmas time!

woman and dog opening door with DIY Christmas wreath on front porch

Although I hung our wreath on my front door, it would look gorgeous in a living room or other interior room too!

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and happy crafting and DIYing!

I have another minimalist Christmas decorations project planned, so make sure to follow along on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest!

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