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Favorite DIY Tools & Supplies

Here is a resource page of favorite DIY tools, materials, and supplies, with both lower and higher budget options.

This resource page includes a mix of my favorite tools and DIY supplies as well as favorites by others that I have heard good things about, and products with great reviews.

To make this a super helpful resource, I wanted to include options for all budgets, therefore I have not used every single item listed. So, always make sure to do your own research and read reviews before purchasing!

***I have placed a * next to each item that I have personally owned and recommend.

Note, I have included many items with multiple options too! Check back here often as I will update this list when I find new favorites to add or edit on the list!

favorite DIY tools and supplies

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Note, this post contains affiliate links. For more info see my disclosures here.

5 Essential Tools for DIY and Woodworking

Drill1. Drill Kit Option 1
2. Drill Kit Option 2
3. Drill Kit Option 3
Drill Kit *
Kreg JigKreg Jig 320Kreg Jig 720 Pro *
Miter Saw1. 10 in. Sliding Miter Saw
2. 12 in. Miter Saw
3. 12 in. Miter Saw *
1. 12 in. Sliding Miter Saw
2. 12″ Sliding Miter Saw
Cordless Brad NailerBrad Nailer (no battery)
or with battery included *
1. Brad Nailer (with battery)
2. Brad Nailer (tool only)
Orbital Sander1. Orbital Sander Option 1
2. Orbital Sander Option 2
Variable Speed Orbital Sander *
Note: Many batteries work on multiple, cordless tools within the same brand, so you can buy tools without the battery if you already own a battery that’s within the same brand line.

Important Small Hand Tools

Speed Square7 in. Speed Square *Speed Square Pack
Clamps24 in. Clamp * and 6 in. Clamps *Same and
48 in. Clamps *
Kreg Right Angle Clamp *
Needle Nose Pliers1. Needle Nose Pliers *
2. Needle Nose Pliers
Pliers Set
Nail SetNail Set *Nail Setters
Tape MeasureTape MeasureTape Measure *
Drill Bits and
Screwdriver Bits
Drill Bit Set1. Drill Bit Set *
2. Screwdriver Bit Set *
3. Kreg Bit Set *
4. Counter Sink Bits *
ScrewdriversScrewdriver Set *Same
Pry barPry bar * (also available here)Same
Utility KnifeUtility KnifeSame
Level9 in. Level24 in. Level
5 in 1 Tool
or 10 in 1
10 in 1 Tool *10 in 1 Tool
Stud FinderStud FinderStud Finder *
Cute pencilsFloral Pencils
Pencil Sharpeners *

Other DIY Tools and Accessories

Miter Saw Blade
(get the correct blade size for your saw)
10 in. x 60-Tooth Saw Blade12 in. x 100-Tooth Saw Blade *
Saw Horses1. Saw Horse Pack
2. Saw Horse Pack *
1. Saw Horse *
2. Sawhorse with Table
Straight Edge GuideDIY it with wood*Rip Cut Guide
Circular SawCircular SawCordless Circular Saw
Jig SawCordless Jigsaw *Cordless Jigsaw
Oscillating Tool (Dremel)Oscillating Tool *Oscillating Tool
Impact DriverImpact DriverImpact Driver *
RouterRouterCordless Router
Concealed Hinge JigKreg Concealed Hinge Jig *Same
ChiselsChisel Set *Same
Rubber MalletRubber Mallet *Same
Shop VacuumShop Vacuum1. Low Sound Shop Vac *
2. Low Sound Shop Vac
Auto Shop Vac Switchn/aAuto Shop Vac Switch *
Dust Bags for Shop VacDust Bags (matches shop vac linked above) Dust Bag * (matches shop vac linked above)
HEPA Filter for Shop Vacn/aHEPA filter (matches shop vac linked above)

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Face Mask or Respirator 1. Disposable Mask * or
2. Disposable Mask Pack
Mask Respirator *
Painting & Staining Respirator MaskPainting & Staining Mask *Painting & Staining Mask
Safety Glasses1. Safety Glasses *
2. Safety Glasses *
Ear ProtectionDisposable Ear Plugs1. Ear Muffs *
2. Bluetooth Earplugs
Utility GlovesUtility GlovesUtility Gloves

Sanding Tools and Materials

SandpaperSandpaper Pack * Same
Sanding Block / SpongeSanding Sponge *Same
Hook & Loop Sanding DiscsSanding Discs Pack *Same
Orbital Sander
1. Orbital Sander Option 1
2. Orbital Sander Option 2
Variable Speed Orbital Sander *
Corner SanderCorner Sander * Corner Sander w/bag

Common DIY Materials for Joining Wood

Wood GlueWood Glue *Same
Brad Nails (18 gauge)Brad Nail Pack *Brad Nail Pack
Self Tapping Wood ScrewsPower Pro Screws *
multiple sizes & types available
Spax Screws *
multiple sizes & types available
Construction AdhesiveConstruction Adhesive *Same
Kreg ScrewsKreg Screw Kit *
multiple sizes & types available
Wood ScrewsWood Screws
multiple sizes & types available

Finishing Prep Work Materials

Paintable CaulkPaintable Caulk *Same
Caulk GunCaulk GunSame
Caulk ToolCaulk ToolSame
Wood FillerWood Filler *Wood Filler with
Dry Time Indicator
SpackleSpackle *Same
Putty KnifePutty Knife *Same
Tack ClothTack Cloth *Same
Nitrile GlovesNitrile Gloves *Same
Backer RodBacker Rod *Same

Finishing, Painting, and Staining Supplies

Paint Swatch SamplesSamplize *Same
PrimerPrimer * Primer
4 in. Mini Paint Rollers4 in. Rollers *4 in. Rollers *
9 in. Paint Rollers9 in. Paint RollersSame
4 in. Paint Roller Frames1. 4 in. Paint Roller Frame
2. 4in. Frame + Roller
4 in. Paint Roller Frame
9 in. Paint Roller Frames9 in. Paint Roller Frame9 in. Paint Roller Frame *
Paint Tray1. Small Paint Tray *
2. Metal Paint Tray *
Paint Brushes1. 1.5″ Paint Brush *
2. 2.5″ Paint Brush
1. 1.5″ Paint Brush
2. 2.5″ Paint Brush *
Short Angle BrushShort Angle Brush *Short Angle Brush *
Painter’s Tape1. Painter’s Tape *
2. Painter’s Tape (delicate surfaces)
Handy Paint PailHandy Paint Pail *
and matching liners *
Handy Roller CupHandy Roller Cup *
and matching liners *
Paint Can OpenerPaint Can Opener *Same
Paint Brush Cleaning ToolPaint Brush Cleaning Tool *Same
Nitrile GlovesNitrile Gloves *Same
Paint Extension PolePaint Extension PolePaint Extension Pole *
Craft SticksCraft SticksSame
Foam BrushesFoam Brush *Foam Brush Pack *
Fabric Cutting ScissorsFabric Cutting ScissorsSame
Lint Free RagsLint Free RagsSame
Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner1. Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner (oil based)
2. Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner (water based)
Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner (oil based)
Wood Stain
See my 10 Favorite Wood Stain ColorsSame
Wood Stain MarkerStain Markers *Same
Polyurethane (oil based)
Oil Based Polyurethane *
multiple finishes available
Oil Based Poly
multiple finishes available
Polyurethane (water based)Water Based
Polyurethane *
multiple finishes available
1. Water Based Polymultiple finishes available
2. Flat Out Flat *
Drop ClothPlastic Drop ClothCanvas Drop Cloth

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