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Window Box Ideas & Free Printable!

Window Box Ideas from Charleston

Window boxes are one of my favorite ways to add curb appeal to any home! I thought it would be fun to share some window box ideas from Charleston since it’s the first day of spring today and it’s one of my favorite things to take photos of around town!

It’s amazing how many different ways you can style a window box with flowers and plants that it can actually be a bit overwhelming. But, Charleston is one on of those places that does beautiful window boxes really well and provides great inspiration!

Also, I’ve turned my favorite photo from today’s post into a free printable! If you want to add some spring decor to your home, you can print the photo and pop it into a frame for some easy spring decor!

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Framed photo of a Charleston window and flower box

Spring Window Box Ideas from Charleston:

1. Go with neutral plants and flowers

There’s nothing like a classic combo of all neutral colors like white flowers and greenery! Though these window boxes are all neutral colors, they are anything but boring! They used round, full greenery and flowers to overfill the boxes and tall green plants in the middle to add some flair.

Charleston window flower bloxes

2. Use flowers that coordinate with the house exterior colors

I know not everyone has a bright colored house to match bright colored flowers, but even using a flower that is similar in color to your house exterior can add a wow factor! You could even do this with just white colored flowers if your house exterior is white.

Spring Window Box ideas in Charleston

Also, I love how these planters are made from what I believe is a coconut fiber lining. It adds so much texture and warmth to the planters.

3. Mix in unique garden plants

I love how some flower boxes use more unique or cool textured plants to add character to them. For example using cabbage or greenery plants that have colors mixed into them look really cool in the window boxes.

three windows with window boxes

black flower window box with yellow and green plants and flowers

4. Use complimentary colors

There are some colors that just look great together (especially for spring) and really compliment each other. Like pink and purple or yellow and pink flowers! It’s super cheery.

pink and yellow flowers in a window box

5. Add varying height flowers, plants, and shrubs in Window Boxes

In almost all of my window box photos, I noticed that a variety of plants and flowers in varying heights are used. From hanging flowers to small shrubs or little trees, it really adds a lot of interest to the flower boxes!

purple and pink flower window box ideas from Charleston

Well I hope you enjoyed this window box idea post and it gets you more excited for spring and spring gardening! I’d love to make some window boxes of my own soon but we have to clear some large shrubs from our windows first. Lots of spring house projects to tackle!

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