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DIY Double Barn Door

DIY barn doors for a barn door entertainment center DIY

Wow, I can’t believe this barn door entertainment center DIY project is complete! I’m super excited to share all the details about it including how to build the custom DIY barn doors! The DIY double barn door design would be great on a wall too!

I have to admit that its been awhile since I’ve been this excited about a project! I LOVE how this sliding barn door entertainment center turned out! It is now the focal feature of our living room and I am so happy I can easily hide the TV out of sight! Brandon is convinced that we need a bigger TV now to fit it better haha!

For this project, I used these barn door media cabinet build plans from Shanty 2 Chic. The plans were so helpful and it was nice to take a break from coming up with my own plans especially for such a huge project! Instead, I used my own design plans for the double barn doors and I’m sharing the DIY barn door tutorial below!

Also, I modified their plans to make the entertainment center smaller, so 8ft x 76 inches instead of 9.5ft x 87 inches. And we used 1/2″ thick plywood instead of 3/4″ to save money and make it less heavy.

DIY double barn doors side angle

Since you can get the full plans from Shanty 2 Chic, I’m just going to share a few in progress photos of the barn door entertainment center DIY build and then share the full step by step tutorial for the DIY double barn door.

beginning to build to the barn door entertainment center with plywood

barn door entertainment center build in progress before adding diy double barn doors

At this point, it was time to add the barn doors!

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DIY Double Barn Door:




*Note, materials listed are enough to build two barn doors at 71.5″ tall x 24″ wide. Modify material amount and cuts as needed for your barn door size.*

**Note 2: I used these cabinet door hinges and these cabinet door pulls on the entertainment center.

1. Make cuts for barn door frame

The following cuts and steps are for the first barn door (left door).

Make the following cuts from the 1x4s:

  • 2 pieces @ 71 1/2″

Make the following cuts from the 1x2s:

  • 2 pieces @ 71 1/2″
  • 2 pieces @ 21″

Make the following cuts from the 1x6s:

    • 3 pieces @ 17″

2. Assemble barn door face frame

Add two pocket holes with the Kreg Jig to each side of the three 1×6 pieces. Then, attach to the top, middle, and bottom in between the two 1×4 pieces using 1 1/4″ Kreg screws:

Attaching barn door frame together with pocket holes

Next, attach the 1×2 pieces on the backside of the frame, starting with the longer end pieces, flush with the edges. Then, add the two 21″ pieces on the top and bottom. Attach with 1 1/4″ brad nails and a brad nailer.

Finish assembling barn door face frame with 1x2 boards

3. Cut shiplap boards to fit DIY barn door frame

Now it’s time to add the shiplap boards! Determine where the barn door handle is going to be located as you want the shiplap boards to be at an angle coming out of the handle corner. Since this is the left door the handle is going to be on the middle, right side (since this is the back of the door).

Line up the end of one of the shiplap boards (face down) from the corner where the barn door handle will be to the opposite corner as shown in the below photo:

starting to install shiplap boards on DIY barn door

Then, mark with a pencil the angle where the board needs to be cut so it fits over the face frame opening. Make sure to allow for a 1-2 inch overhang of the board over the opening as the board ends will be nailed down to the face frame.

Here is the cut line mark we made for the first corner:

marking where to cut shiplap board for DIY barn door

And for the second corner:

marking where to cut shiplap board for DIY barn door

Next, use a Dremel Saw-max tool or jig saw to cut the boards to size. We love our Dremel tool and it worked awesome for this project!

cutting shiplap board to size

Lay the board in place to ensure it fits correctly. Then, repeat the same step for the next shiplap board, making sure the tongue and groove edges are lined up correctly with the two boards next to each other. Also, make sure to lay the shiplap board face down, so the back of it is facing up! This is very important to make sure the shiplap gaps will be exposed correctly on the front side!

installing second shiplap board for barn door entertainment center DIY

Continue the above process until the face frame opening is complete. We had a total of 5 boards cut to size to cover the opening.

4. Install shiplap boards to barn door frame with a brad nailer

Using 1″ brad nails and a brad nailer, secure the shiplap boards to the barn door frame by nailing along the edges of them. The best part about these DIY barn door build plans is that no nail holes will need to be filled since they are all on the back, yay!

installing shiplap boards with brad nailer for barn door entertainment center DIY

Repeat the above steps for second barn door frame opening, with the angles going the flip side direction. So, once complete, the back of your DIY barn door should look similar to this:

the back of the DIY barn door for entertainment center showing how it was constructed

Ok, now it’s time to do the opposite door, the right door! Repeat all of the above steps, except this time you want the angles coming out of middle left corner.

the back of the second DIY barn door for entertainment center showing how it was constructed

Once complete, flip your doors over and check out those awesome angles!

DIY double barn door for a barn door entertainment center DIY

***TIP: If you are going to use these barn doors on a wall or somewhere where the back of the door will be visible, I would hide the shiplap board angle cuts with a piece of 1/4″ plywood cut to the size of the door less the 1×2 frame on the back that’s along the edges. So, for example, my door is 71.5″ tall x 24″ wide. So, I would cut a piece of plywood that is 68.5″ tall x 21″ wide and install it on the back of the door over the shiplap boards with brad nails and a brad nailer. The shiplap boards are about 1/2″ thick and the 1×2 boards on the back that frame out the door are 3/4″ thick, so the 1/4″ plywood will sit level with the 1×2 boards. Then, you still have a clean edge along the sides and a covered door back!

5. Prime, paint, and install hardware for DIY barn doors

Now it’s time for the finishing touches! Prime the raw wood on the doors, the shiplap boards are pre-primed so they don’t need primer. Then, paint the doors. We used Oyster Bay in eggshell by Sherwin Williams. I am in love with this paint color, I think it’s so beautiful! Also, we used White Dove by Benjamin Moore for the white paint on the cabinet part.

Finally, install your barn door handles (I splurged on these gorgeous handles in the 6″ size) and install your double sliding barn door hardware.

modern black barn door hardware handles, the Patton Drawer Pull from Rejuvenation

Note, because the barn doors aren’t attached to a floor track, they will lean in at the bottom. To fix this problem and to help them slide easily, we attached two small blocks of wood (a 1×2 cut to 1″ wide) wrapped with felt at the bottom of each door.

wood blocks covered in felt to help barn doors slide easily on entertainment center

We used a staple gun to secure the felt on the blocks and brad nailer to attach it to the doors. It slides super smooth now!

wood blocks covered in felt to help barn doors slide easily on entertainment center since no floor track for barn doors

That was the last step! And your all finished! Enjoy!

DIY double barn doors for a barn door entertainment center DIY

barn door entertainment center DIY with barn doors open showing hidden TV

Overall, I really love how this barn door entertainment center DIY turned out! It looks amazing in our living room and has added some much needed extra storage, so it was totally worth it! I love that it’s basically like custom built ins except totally removable! What do you think?! I think the DIY double barn doors totally elevate it and add that wow factor!

Be sure to follow along on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest for my latest projects, fun updates, and sneak peeks! Here’s one last close up of those beautiful barn doors!

DIY double barn doors


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Sunday 14th of March 2021

Hi Angela, This is a great piece. I am planning to use your idea for my media room. You said the width of the door is 24 inches. But in all your measurements, you have used 25 inches ( 21+ 2 + 2, 17+ 4+ 4) . Is there a reason why to have added an inch? Thanks.

Angela Marie Made

Monday 15th of March 2021

Hi Deepa, the 1 x 2's and 1 x 4's are actual width of 1.5" and 3.5" respectively so it ends up being 24" wide.

Jena Bontrager

Tuesday 28th of July 2020

I absolutely LOVE this unit!! Would you mind sharing what your overall cost for materials was for this project?

Angela Marie Made

Tuesday 4th of August 2020

Thank you!The whole project cost around $600 including the paint, hardware, and lumber.


Thursday 14th of May 2020

I love what you have done! I am getting ready to get my project going! Thank you for sharing!!!

Angela Marie Made

Thursday 14th of May 2020

Thank you! I'm excited to hear that!

Leigh Ann

Wednesday 13th of November 2019

Hi, did you happen to save a copy of the measurements you used to make it 8ft? Hoping to save myself a little work. :) Also, what size tv does the middle space accommodate? Thank you! It’s beautiful!

Angela Marie Made

Friday 15th of November 2019

Thanks! Unfortunately I don't, I just did the math and adjusted the measurements as I went. It was helpful for me to print the plans out and do the math on the print out. The middle space measures 44.5" wide from the 1x2 molding edges. And 31 3/4" tall. So any TV less than those dimensions.

Alyssa Bosford

Wednesday 31st of July 2019

Do you know how I could adjust the plans to make the entertainment center 7ft long? I noticed you made adjustments for yours to be smaller. Please please please help, I’m a beginner!

Angela Marie Made

Thursday 1st of August 2019

The way that I did it was I printed off the plans for entertainment center and deducted their length from the length I wanted to make the adjustments for all the cuts. It's a bit more work adjusting the measurements, but just take it step by step to make sure your are doing it for the length you want.