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DIY Coat Rack with Shaker Pegs

Learn how to make a DIY coat rack shelf with shaker pegs!

DIY shaker peg rail

This DIY shaker peg rail or coat rack is a super easy project and you only need three tools, a miter saw, brad nailer, and a drill!

It can be used for hanging keys, jackets, purses, dog leashes or other items for entryway organization! You can also easily adjust the size if you want to make it larger.

We used a 1×4 board to build this coat rack and five ½” thick shaker pegs.

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DIY coat rack with shaker pegs

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How to Build a DIY Coat Rack with Shaker Pegs:


Video Tutorial:

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1. Cut two boards from the 1×4

Use a miter saw and cut two 1x4s boards to 25″ long.

1x4 cut to size

2. Mark and drill holes for the shaker pegs

First draw a line with a pencil along the center point of one of the 1x4s. Then, mark a hole for each of the 5 shaker pegs along that line. Start at one end and mark 3 3/4″ then 4 1/2″.

mark shaker peg holes on wood

Continue this process until all 5 holes are marked.

mark shaker peg holes on wood

Next, use a 1/2″ drill bit and drill the 5 holes for the shaker pegs. Drill the holes almost all the way through the 1×4. It’s ok if some holes go completely through.

5 holes drilled

Test a peg in each hole and make sure it will fit. You don’t want the pegs loose but you do need to be able to get them into the hole with a snug fit.

3. Attach shaker pegs to coat rack

Start with the first peg and apply a little bit of wood glue around the bottom of it. Then insert the peg into the hole and hammer into place. Wipe away any excess wood glue immediately with a damp paper towel.

wood glue on shaker peg
hammering shaker pegs into holes on DIY coat rack

Repeat this process for the rest of the shaker pegs.

wooden shaker pegs in wood on DIY coat rack shelf
DIY shaker peg rail

4. Attach shelf to coat rack

Apply wood glue along the top edge of the board with the pegs. Then, attach the other 1×4 perpendicular to it with 1 1/4″ brad nails to form the top shelf of the coat rack. Use clamps to help hold everything in place.

Attach shelf to coat rack

5. Prime and Paint the DIY coat rack with shaker pegs

DIY coat rack with shaker pegs unfinished raw wood

Now the DIY coat rack shelf is built and it’s time to paint or stain it. We chose to paint ours Tricorn black by Sherwin Williams. We started with a coat of primer followed by two coats of paint.

Super easy!

DIY coat rack with shaker pegs
DIY coat rack shelf with shaker pegs

What do you think of our DIY coat rack? It’s been great for helping to keep our entryway organized!

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diy coat rack with wood shaker pegs

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