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Our Big News of the Year!

It’s time to share our big news that I’ve been waiting over 4 months to share!

Recently we built our son Jackson a DIY kids table! For the table we bought TWO chairs instead of one because I’m pregnant! And it’s a BOY! Baby boy #2 is due in June!!

We are super excited and Jackson can’t wait to be a big brother!! 

Pregnancy announcement with DIY kids table

This second pregnancy has been a bit different compared to my first pregnancy with Jackson. Mostly because we have a very energetic toddler running around! Although I still had all of those rough first trimester symptoms.

But we are trying hard now to get all of our planned projects completed ahead of schedule so we can hopefully have some great content continue while we are on maternity leave this summer.

We will of course have lots of more projects for kids and a nursery makeover to tackle in the upcoming months! There is so much to look forward too! 

I am super excited to get started on the nursery! I love Jackson’s nursery, so it will be a fun challenge to come up with another boy nursery that is different!

The other challenge is that we are planning on looking for a new house soon! So, I have no idea what the future nursery room is going to be at this point.

And the housing market right now is ridiculous for buyers! But I am so ready and super excited about all of it! Just hoping we can move before June haha!

It’s going to be quite a year and I can’t wait to share more! Make sure to follow along and not miss any of it here on the blog and on Instagram and YouTube!

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