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DIY Christmas Tree Stand

I’m excited to share how to build our wood DIY Christmas tree stand!

wooden DIY Christmas tree stand

I was inspired by old, vintage, style crates for the design of our wooden DIY Christmas tree collar. So, I used a mix of different size lumber on the sides of the tree stand.

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wood diy christmas tree stand

For this tree stand, you only need two tools, a miter saw and a drill and it’s really easy too!

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diy christmas tree stand

How to Make a DIY Christmas Tree Stand Cover:


  • (2) 1 x 4 @ 10ft*
  • (1) 1 x 6 @ 8ft*
  • (1) 2×2 @ 8ft
  • 2″ Wood screws
  • Wood stain (I used this color)
  • Polyurethane (optional)


*Material needed may vary depending on the size of tree stand that holds your tree. See step #1 for details. The final width/length of your stand may vary from mine, but the height will be about 12.5″ tall.

Video Tutorial:

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1. Measure your Christmas tree stand diameter

Measure the diameter or widest part of your actual Christmas tree stand that will go inside of the wood tree stand cover we are building. Our plastic tree stand is 19″ in diameter.

2. Make the lumber cuts for two sides of the DIY Christmas tree stand

All of the boards need to be cut with a 5 degree mitered end. The first bottom board on each side of the stand should equal the diameter of your tree stand plus 2″, so our bottom boards were all 21″ from the left bottom point to the right bottom point.

Start with a 1×4 for the bottom board for one side of the stand and cut the end with a 5 degree cut.

cut the 1x4 ends with 5 degree cuts

Then measure and mark the base measurement (21 inches for our stand) from the bottom point of the 5 degree cut.

meausre and mark next 1x4 cut

We used a scrap board with a 5 degree cut to help mark where we needed to make our cuts. Then, make the cut!

mark where to make our cuts with scrap board

Next, use a 1×6 for the middle board. Cut one end with a 5 degree cut, to create the right side of the 1×6.

cut end of 1x6 with 5 degree cut

To get the measurement needed for the middle 1×6 board, line up the right top point of the bottom 1×4 board with the bottom right point of the 1×6 board end that has the 5 degree miter cut.

line up base and middle boards to mark for cuts

Then, on the left side, mark where the left 1×4 board top point ends on the bottom of the 1×6 board.

mark the cut needed for the middle 1x6 board

This is where the left bottom point of the 1×6 should be. Use a scrap board to help mark the angle cut again. Cut the left side of the 1×6 board with a 5 degree cut.

mark the cut needed for the middle 1x6 board

Repeat this process for the final top 1×4 board.

mark the cut needed for the top 1x4 board

And this is how the three boards will look lined up for the first side of the DIY Christmas tree stand:

first side of DIY Christmas tree stand

Now it’s time to create a second side where the bottom board will be a 1×6 followed by two 1x4s for the middle and top boards. Repeat the same process as above, starting with the same bottom board measurement as the other side.

second side of wood diy christmas tree collar

Now we have our two different sides for the tree stand!

3. Make the same lumber cuts for the other two sides of the Christmas tree stand

Repeat same steps again (from step #2) to create the other two sides of the wood Christmas tree stand.

After all of the cuts are made, there will be two sides with a 1×4 bottom, 1×6 middle, and 1×4 top board and two sides with a 1×6 bottom and 1×4 middle and top board.

all 4 sides of Diy christmas tree stand cover before assembly

4. Stain the DIY Christmas tree Collar

It’s easier to stain the boards at this part before assembling. We used a pre stain wood conditioner followed by one coat of English chestnut by Minwax.

staining the wood

We also used two coats of polyurethane on the boards.

5. Attach the Christmas tree stand sides together

Use a miter saw and cut four 2x2s at 10″ long each.

2x2s cut to size

Start with one of the sides where the 1×6 is the bottom and two 1x4s follow. Begin with the boards clamped together with all of the edges lined up. We used popsicle sticks in between each board to create a small gap.

attaching first side of tree stand together

Attach the first side together using one 2″ screws through the 2x2s into each of the three boards. Use clamps to help and use pilot holes first if your using regular screws like us and not self tapping screws.

attaching first side of tree stand together with screws
attaching first side of tchristmas tree box stand diy together with screws

Repeat on the other side with a second 2×2 to finish attaching the first side together.

attaching first side of christmas tree box stand diy together with screws

Repeat these steps again for the second matching side where the 1×6 is the bottom and two 1x4s follow.

Now it’s time to add the other sides to these two assembled sides.

Clamp together a 1×4, 1×6, and 1×4 side, again using popsicle sticks for the gap and all of the edges aligned. Then, place the side with 2×2 already attached standing up, so the stand edges are aligned on each side as shown here. Attach the sides together using 2″ screws through the three boards.

outside edges of stand lined up
attahcing sides together of stand with screws and clamp
DIY christmas tree stand cover assembly with screws

Repeat for the other side.

attaching sides of wood DiY CHRistmas tree collar together

Then, add the last (4th) side of the stand the same way.

6. Add your Christmas tree!

Lastly, we made sure our plastic tree stand was a perfect fit and then we added our Christmas tree!

plastic tree stand inside of wood DIY Christmas tree stand cover

Our DIY Christmas tree stand looks perfect with our Christmas tree and I love the final result!

wood diy christmas tree stand cover with christmas tree
wood diy christmas tree collar

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wooden DIY Christmas tree stand finished and sides

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