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How to Make an Easy DIY Umbrella Stand Side Table

Learn how to make a DIY umbrella stand table that adds function and beauty to your outdoor space with this quick and easy tutorial that uses just one power tool, a drill!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lowe’s Home Improvement. As always, all words and opinions are my own.

We really needed a patio umbrella for our new DIY paver patio. Rather than just buy an umbrella stand, I thought it would be a great idea to make a DIY umbrella stand side table, so that I could add more function to our patio!

diy umbrella stand table on patio between patio chairs

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I found everything that I needed for this project at Lowe’s for their Memorial Day sale! Their prices are always great, especially for the value that you get!

supplies for diy umbrella table

I love shopping at Lowe’s for my outdoor project supplies! They carry a great selection of outdoor stains, including my favorite exterior stain by Valspar, which is perfect for this project and any other outdoor projects!

I’m sharing more details on the stain I used below for this DIY umbrella table!

Patio Umbrella

I made the DIY umbrella stand table to go with this beautiful, sage green umbrella!

It’s such a great price and great quality too! The umbrella is available in several other beautiful colors too, like navy blue, red, and this fun pattern!

Definitely look for them this weekend at Lowe’s during their big Memorial Day sale!

Exterior Stain

For this project I used Valspar Exterior Stain in Pinebark. I’ve used this exact stain and color for many years on most of my DIY outdoor projects, including all of our DIY outdoor furniture like our DIY outdoor chair and DIY outdoor dining table.

It holds up great to the elements, only needs a one coat application, and looks beautiful too! I also love that it’s water based, so it’s a really easy clean up.

Besides outdoor furniture projects, it’s also great for other outdoor projects like staining decks and fences! And even better, it’s part of the Memorial Day specials at Lowe’s, along with other select interior and exterior paints and exterior stains!

valspar semi transparent exterior stain

Side Table

I used this partially pre-assembled side table, that came unfinished for this project so that I could stain it to match our other DIY outdoor furniture and it would be a perfect match.

unfinished side table assembled before drilling holes

I love the size of this end table and that it makes this project super easy and fast!

But, you could also make this DIY umbrella stand side table with our DIY outdoor side table too, the dimensions are perfect for it as well, I checked!

How to Build a DIY Umbrella Stand Table



  • Drill
  • Clamps
  • Tape Measure

1. Drill the holes in the side table for the patio umbrella

The first step is to drill holes in the table for the umbrella pole and stand.

I used this DEWALT drill which is the perfect size for this project and it’s currently on sale at Lowe’s too for their Memorial Day sale! DEWALT tools are my favorite and the quality is amazing!

Measure and mark the center of the bottom shelf on the table. Then, drill the centered hole with a 3/8″ drill bit.

This hole will be where the hex bolt for the umbrella stand comes through for the umbrella.

drilling a hole through bottom shelf of diy umbrella stand table

Next, drill a hole through the center of the table top using a 1 3/8″ or 1 1/2″ hole saw with arbor drill bit.

Note, because the center of the table falls in between two slat boards on this table, we made a drill jig using a scrap 1×3 board first.

To do this, just drill a hole first through the scrap board. Then, align it centered on the table and clamp it down.

using a scrap board with hole to drill hole through top of side table
drilling a hole through top of DIY umbrella table

After drilling the holes, you can use a medium grit sandpaper if needed to smooth out any rough edges around the hole.

holes drilled for diy umbrella stand side table

2. Stain the DIY umbrella stand table

Stain all sides of the DIY umbrella stand side table with exterior stain. As explained above, I used Valspar exterior stain in pinebark!

applying exterior stain to the diy umbrella stand table

3. Assemble the DIY Umbrella stand side table

To make this table work with our patio umbrella base, we had to get a longer hex bolt (4 1/2″ x 3/8″ hex bolt) to replace the hex bolt that came with the stand.

Put the umbrella stand with the hex bolt through the bottom shelf of the table and assemble the umbrella stand as normal.

attaching umbrella base to the diy umbrella stand table
attaching umbrella base to the diy umbrella table

Then, place your umbrella into the table top umbrella hole into the base to complete your DIY umbrella stand table!

diy umbrella stand table up close
diy umbrella table on patio with umbrella to create a diy umbrella stand table

And that’s it! I love how our DIY umbrella table came together! It looks perfect with our other outdoor furniture and is providing some much needed shade and extra table surface for our back patio!

I added a flower pot on top but it’s going to be perfect for holding drinks too!

diy umbrella stand side table with base attached on patio
diy umbrella stand side table on patio

I love how easy it was to build this project! We didn’t have to mess with bags of concrete, pvc pipe, or anything like that! It would make a great first time DIY project too!

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