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Easy DIY Entryway Bench for $10

This week I built my first project of the year, an easy DIY entryway bench! I only used one board that cost less than $10 to build this DIY wood bench! It’s a really quick and easy project if you need to add some extra storage and seating by your entryway.

DIY entryway bench with a weathered wood gray finish

The final dimensions of this DIY bench are about 37″ long  x 11″ wide x 18″ tall, perfect for a small nook or wall, but you can easily adjust it for different size spaces.

Also, if you are interested in other entryway bench options, check out my DIY built in bench and my DIY hall tree!

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How to Build a DIY Entryway Bench:



I finished off my bench with these cute baskets and throw pillow.

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1. Cut wood to size

Use a miter saw or table saw to cut your wood to size. Or have your home improvement store make the cuts, which is what I did to save time. Also, make sure you use very straight lumber for this project!

home improvement store making bench lumber cuts from 2x12

Make the first two cuts at 16 1/2″ long (for the bench sides). Next, make the third cut at 26″ long (for the bench shelf).

After the first three cuts, there will be about 37″ of wood left for your bench top. So, no leftover scrap wood to worry about, yay!

DIy entryway bench wood cut to size before assembling

2. Add pocket holes to the DIY entryway bench

Use a Kreg Jig and add two pocket holes to the top side of the 16 1/2″ bench sides. Then, add 2 pocket holes to each end of the 26″ bench shelf piece.

Tip: See my how to use a Kreg Jig post for an easy, step by step tutorial and video tutorial on how to use the Kreg Jig!

Pocket holes added to DIY bench wood

3. Attach bench sides to bench shelf

Note: Ok so here’s where I had mom brain on this really simple project. It would be easier to first attach the bench sides to the the bench top (step #4 below) and then attach the bench shelf. When you attach the shelf first like I did, you need to use smaller Kreg drill bits or a smaller drill to screw in the Kreg screws because a standard size drill and Kreg drill bit doesn’t fit easily between the shelf and bench top. So, if you don’t have a smaller drill or smaller drill bits with a square tip, then attach the bench top first (step #4), then do this step to attach the bench shelf.

Measure and mark 3″ up from the bottom of each 16 1/2″ bench side piece. Then, attach the 26″ bench shelf board at these marks with a drill and 2 1/2″ Kreg screws. I used my Kreg right angle clamp to help with this step.

Attach bench sides to bench shelf with kreg screws and right angle clamp

4. Attach DIY bench top to bench sides

Center the bench bottom on top of the bench top as shown in the photo below. There should be about 4″ of overhang on each side of the bench sides.

center DIY wood bench on bench top

Using a drill and 2 1/2″ Kreg screws, attach the DIY entryway bench top to the bench sides. Note, this is the part where I had to use my smaller Kreg drill bits (see note above in step #3).

use drill and kreg screws to attach bench sides to bench top

Flip your bench over and your DIY wood bench is complete!!!

DIy entryway bench unfinished before applying finish

5. Paint or stain the DIY wood bench

Make sure your bench is sanded well, then either paint, stain, or apply a weathered wood finish to it. I chose to apply a weathered wood gray finish to mine to make it more rustic!

I finished off my easy DIY entryway bench with these cute baskets and throw pillow.

DIY Entryway bench with bench storage shelf and white baskets

What do you think? Could you use a small bench with some extra storage? Also, I have other entryway bench and storage builds, this DIY hall tree and DIY built in bench, if you other options!

Well that’s a wrap on my first project of the year and my first project back from maternity leave! Follow along for my latest projects and sneak peaks on Instagram and Pinterest!

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DIY entryway bench with weathered wood gray finish for less than $10

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Tamara Smith

Friday 24th of February 2023

I really love this bench. I love the color. I love the way you explained it. Just to the point. Thanks

Angela Marie Made

Monday 27th of February 2023

So glad you love it!! Thank you! :)

Michael Pleso

Thursday 11th of November 2021

I have liked everything you have shared thus far. Thank You! Mike

Angela Marie Made

Monday 15th of November 2021

Much appreciated!!!


Friday 30th of July 2021

Would I need to add additional support if I wanted to make this bench 6ft long? Also, would using a 1x12 instead of a 2x12 be okay?

Angela Marie Made

Tuesday 3rd of August 2021

Yes, I would add additional supports for a 6ft long bench and it should be fine to use a 1x12 but you would need to make sure that you used different settings for the kreg jig and make sure that you can kreg 3/4" thick wood into 1-1/2" thick. I think you can but I have not tried.

Maria Torres

Thursday 8th of April 2021

Hi, I am looking for the building plans to make this bench but i can't seem to find it. Where can I buy them?

Angela Marie Made

Thursday 29th of April 2021

Unfortunately, I do not have plans for this project yet.


Thursday 10th of December 2020

Hi! What wood do you recommend using for this?

Angela Marie Made

Friday 11th of December 2020

I recommend using pine for this project.