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Easy to Install Modern Vent Cover for Ceilings, Walls, and Floors

Do you have an outdated air vent cover or register? Learn how to upgrade it with this easy to install, modern vent cover for ceilings, walls, and floors!

Since we have started making over our dining room, with DIY vertical shiplap, DIY window trim, and peel and stick wallpaper, our ceiling vent cover was starting to stand out and look outdated.

I decided to replace the old ceiling vent cover also known as a ceiling register.

Here is the BEFORE:

Old style ceiling vent cover

Here is the AFTER:

modern vent cover ceiling

I chose a modern vent cover design that looks much cleaner and was very easy to paint. This was such an easy and affordable upgrade, I really love how the new ceiling vent cover looks.

I’m sharing how to install this modern air vent cover below, where to find it, and the pros and cons!

Vent cover in a dining room.

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Can these vent covers be used on ceilings, walls, and floors?

The modern vent cover I used can be used on ceilings and walls. There is also another model available for floors. I have all options linked below!

Where to buy this modern ceiling vent cover

I used a 6″ x 10″ vent register but there are a few different sizes available and places to buy it. Make sure to get the Lite model.

How to install a modern ceiling vent cover


  • Modern vent cover
  • Spackle (optional)
  • Paint and paint roller
    • Make sure the paint is the same or similar to your ceiling paint


  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Ladder
  • Safety glasses (optional)

Upgrading our ceiling vent cover VIDEO

See the video install of this vent upgrade on Instagram!

When I shared this video on TikTok, there were some controversial comments! Who know such a small project could do that haha!

1. Remove the old vent cover

If you have never removed the old style vent cover, it helps to wear safety glasses because there will likely be some small pieces of drywall that fall during the process.

Use a screw driver to remove the screws of the current register cover.

TIP: I like to unscrew the screws which are usually 1-1/2″ to 2″ about three quarters of the way down on each side. Then I will hold the cover with one hand and use my fingers to remove the screws.

Removed the register from the air vent

2. Install the new modern vent cover

The modern style we bought had a different installation which I thought was much more secure because the entire screw goes into the drywall.

The old ceiling vents have about a 2″ screw and only 1/2″ to 3/4″ is actually in the drywall.

If you have ever stripped out one of the screw holes while removing them it can be a big pain to try and get it into a new hole and still keep the vent straight.

These new vent covers have a screw hole in each corner.

TIP: I found it was easier to poke a small hole through each corner with a screw before installing.

Remove the middle plate of the ceiling cover.

Hold up the vent cover to the vent and use a Phillips screw driver to attach each corner of the cover to the ceiling.

Installing the new modern ceiling vent cover with a screw driver
Modern vent cover installed before placing the final piece.

Click the middle plate into place on the vent cover frame.

Installed air vent cover on ceiling

3. Paint the modern air vent cover

We had to fill one of the old vent screw holes with some spackle before painting.

Using a paint roller, paint over the cover just as you would the ceiling. Make sure to paint it the same color as your ceiling paint!

Painting this flat, modern air vent cover was so much easier to do than repainting the old style vent with all those grates.

We found it was best to paint the entire ceiling at the same time as installing the new vent cover but that is not necessary to replace your covers.

modern air Vent cover in a dining room.

Pros of this modern vent cover

  • Easy to install
  • More secure
  • No significant change in airflow force
  • Looks beautiful
  • Blends in well with the ceiling and doesn’t stand out as much as traditional style air vent covers


  • The airflow direction is not adjustable
  • The vent can’t be closed like traditional registers

The old style had the ability to adjust or close the vent, which I never really utilized so it didn’t end up being a big deal for me.

I found that the new style air vent return cover made the airflow more steady and not blowing out all at once, which I actually prefer.

Replacing my old style vent cover was incredibly easy and I’m glad I upgraded! What do you think of this modern air vent cover replacement?

I am hoping to wrap the dining room makeover up very soon!

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