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My Favorite Porcelain Marble Tile

Learn about my favorite marble look porcelain tile, pros and cons, the durability, the installation process, and common FAQ!

It has been over 3 years since we installed porcelain marble tile in our master bathroom.

I love our porcelain tile that looks like marble so much that it has become my favorite floor tile yet! I think it looks just like real marble too!

my favorite porcelain marble tile installed on bathroom floor

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Since installing our hexagon marble porcelain tile, I’ve received several questions about it. Further, when I find something for the home that I really love, I want to make sure that I share about it in case someone else is in need of that item too!

So, I’m sharing an overview of our marble-look tiles, as well as a review of it, and answering some common questions I’ve received.

My Favorite Porcelain Marble Tile on the floor of our master bathroom

Marble Look Porcelain Tile Video Review:

If you want to see a video review of the tile, which includes everything I’m discussing in this post, check out my video here:

Why we chose porcelain marble tile over real marble

To give a little background on how I discovered this tile, it all started with our small master bathroom renovation. I really wanted a marble floor tile, however there were two main problems with using real marble floors in our bathroom.

budget bathroom makeover with porcelain tile that looks like marble

The cost

The first problem was the cost. Real marble is expensive. It really adds up for the cost per square foot. Our bathroom renovation had a tight budget and real marble just wasn’t budget-friendly.


The second issue was the maintenance. Real marble has to be re-sealed every so often and can stain easily from different cleaners and such due to the porous stone surface. It needs proper care on a regular basis.

With our high traffic bathroom, real marble just wasn’t a practical choice and I knew I had to consider a different type of tile.

Porcelain tile that looks like marble alternative

Due to these issues, I wondered if there was a porcelain tile that looked like marble because porcelain is a very durable and more budget friendly tile.

Sure enough, after researching online, I found several options! I even rounded up my top 5 options of porcelain tiles that look like marble.

Initially, I ordered a small, mosaic hexagon tile which I was really excited to use. Once I received it though, it was chipping in multiple places. It was also very thin and the tile design was very fake looking and didn’t really look like real marble.

As much as I had wanted to use the tile, I had to return it due to the low quality. Not all marble look porcelain tile is made the same quality wise.

After further online research, I decided to go with a larger hexagon porcelain marble tile. And I’m so glad that I did because once it arrived, I knew immediately that I loved it and the quality was great.

Pros & cons of the hexagon porcelain tile that looks like marble

Our hexagon floor tile came really well packaged and it was a thick porcelain tile. There were no chips on any of the tiles either and it seemed very durable.

up close of porcelain marble tile

The top design of the tile really looked like marble too, very authentic looking for not actually being real marble. It was exactly the kind of marble look I wanted for our classic and modern master bathroom makeover.

After having the tile for over 3 years now, I still love it as much as the day we received it and when we installed it!

It cleans up easily, we usually just use a mixture of vinegar and water. It hasn’t had any kind of weird staining and has been very durable.

It’s a great option for a low maintenance flooring that looks like marble and gives a sense of luxury.

Also, although I love the tile, I’m always getting compliments on it as well from others! It’s definitely one of my favorite features of our bathroom and I am planning on using it in our guest bathroom makeover, which will hopefully happen later this year!

It can be used as a wall tile, floor tile, shower wall tile, kitchen floors, bathroom flooring, and even outdoors! It’s perfect for high traffic areas.

I honestly can’t think of any cons about the tile. Except maybe that it’s a little harder to install due the hexagon shape. But, at the same time, the hexagon shape is one of the aspects I love about it!

Installation of our floor tile:

We installed the hexagon floor tile ourselves. It was our first DIY tile installation and I was pregnant while installing it ha!

First, we removed our old tile.  Then, we laid mortar down on the sub-floor, followed by Hardie cement board, and then finally we installed the tile with mortar and grouted it. Lastly, we buffed the grout haze.

installing the porcelain tile that looks like marble in our master bathroom
installing marble look porcelain hexagon tile

As I’ve shared previously, the longest part of the tiling process was figuring out where to start, laying some tiles out first, and making the edge and corner cuts.

Since it was our first tile installation, I don’t have anything to compare it too, but I don’t think the hexagon shape made it overly difficult to install. Though, I would think a square or rectangle tile may be easier to install…

Frequently asked questions about our porcelain marble tile:

Below are answers to common questions I’ve received about the tile.

What grout did you use with the tile?

I used a warm gray grout by Mapei that was pre-mixed. I love the color of the warm gray with the marble tile look. I think the gray also hides dirt better than a white grout would.

What size tile spacers were used?

We used 3/8″ tile spacers. 3/8″ seemed like a good size grout line for the scale of the tile, not too thick or thin.

Is the tile slippery?

I just want to preface this answer by saying to always use your best judgement on what you think is slippery flooring for your own space. But, in my experience, because the tile has a matte finish, it is not slippery. If it gets wet, I’d say it’s just as slippery as any other tile would be.

Further, we always use a bath mat.

What is the tile variation like in person?

For the boxes of tile we received, the tile all had a natural looking variation to it. We didn’t have any issues with the variation when installing it.

Also, the color of the variation is mostly a mix of cool and warm grays and whites. There were a few tiles with small hints of brown mixed in, but the gray and white colors were the dominant colors, just like many types of real marble.

Hexagon Porcelain tile that looks like marble on a bathroom floor

Is porcelain tile better than marble?

If you want a tile that is more affordable and easier to maintain, porcelain tile is a better option than marble. And a marble look tile is the best solution to the real thing!

Is there a porcelain that looks like marble?

Yes there are many porcelain options that look like marble available online and at the home improvement store, although the quality of them are not all the same.

My favorite marble look porcelain tile is this hexagon tile that looks like marble. Here are 5 other porcelain marble tile options that have a natural marble look to them.

Is porcelain tile less expensive than marble?

Yes porcelain tile is less expensive than marble. Marble is a natural stone that has been highly desired for centuries. Every piece is totally unique since it comes from nature.

Whereas porcelain tile is man made “produced from clay and fired in a hot kiln at various temperatures” as described by The Tile Shop.

Although, installation costs may vary per project.


If you have any other questions about our porcelain marble tile, please let me know! Again, if you want to see more similar tile options, check out my five porcelain tiles that look like marble post.

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up close photo and bathroom floor landscape photo of A review of my favorite porcelain marble tile in bathroom

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Tuesday 13th of December 2022

Where did you get that ever so cute vanity!!

Angela Marie Made

Wednesday 14th of December 2022

I got it from Lowes!


Saturday 12th of February 2022

You mentioned that the tile has a matte finish. When I have used matte finish tile on floors you can always see footprints and the floor always looks smudgey. Do you notice this with this tile?

Angela Marie Made

Wednesday 16th of February 2022

I haven't noticed that. It is a bathroom with no natural light, so not sure if that would make a difference in a bathroom where the light changes when shining through a window. But I feel like any tile could look smudgey if it's dirty and the light hits it at certain angle!


Thursday 16th of December 2021

What color paint is on the upper walls? All so pretty.

Angela Marie Made

Thursday 6th of January 2022

White Dove by Benjamin Moore, thank you!

Annette banahan

Monday 12th of July 2021

I have the exact same tile in my small bathroom. I used white glass subway tile on the wall. The wall tile has a grey look to it. But… I find the bathroom is too white and grey, like clinical. What if I took a gold pencil accent tile and placed above the white/grey wall tile. I see brown and gold also grey in my floor tile. I thought the gold,brown in the floor would bounce of the gold pencil accent tile. Thank you,

Angela Marie Made

Tuesday 13th of July 2021

That's a great idea, I think it could really tie it in and give the room a different feel. If you can, put a couple tiles up and see how it looks.


Thursday 24th of June 2021

Hi there! I found a very similar tile that I love for my bathroom floor. Would you recommend using this on the shower floor as well? Is it appropriate in terms of getting wet.

Angela Marie Made

Friday 25th of June 2021

Hello, that is a great question. I would look into the product description and see if it says that is ok for water/showers.