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The Best Garage Wall Paint Color Ideas

Learn about different garage wall paint color ideas, top favorite paint colors, paint types, and how to pick the best color for your garage walls and features!

We have been working on fixing up our garage and painting the bare, unfinished drywall was one of the first steps to moving forward!

The biggest decision for painting the garage was what the best garage wall paint color would be! We ended up picking a white paint color, I’ll share the exact one and why below!

garage wall paint color ideas with man painting garage wall and garage cabinets on wall

Here is where we started with our unfinished drywall in our garage:

bare drywall on garage wall

White, Light Gray, and Neutral Paint Colors

When it comes to such a large space like a garage interior, a white, gray or neutral paint color that is a lighter color is a safe idea. It provides a calm backdrop for all of the different items stored in a garage or on a garage wall.

Further, light colors, whites, and neutral colors help to reflect more light, making a typically darker space like a garage brighter.

Also, if you are considering selling your home in the future, a white or neutral paint color on garage walls can be more desirable to potential buyers. It’s one less space they have to worry about painting over!

white paint in paint tray and can on garage floor

Bold or Dark Paint Colors

If you want to add some interest to your garage paint color with bold colors or dark colors, consider adding it on different garage features, such as a door, trim, garage cabinets, shelving, or some other feature like a brick or concrete foundation.

The mix of light and darker colors is a great color scheme.

We used a dark gray, Dorian Gray by Sherwin Williams, on our DIY garage cabinets, which looks great against our white garage walls.

garage wall paint color ideas with white painted walls and gray painted garage cabinets

Here is how a black door looks against white siding. The door is painted Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams with white siding painted Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. We also used this same color on our DIY wood garage shelves!

painting vinyl siding white with black painted door

I love how this organized garage by Bigger Than the Three of Us uses a light and dark paint combo with white walls and Cracked Pepper by Behr on the trim, cabinets, and pegboard:

Garage by Bigger Than the Three of Us with black and white painted garage wall
Garage wall by Bigger Than the Three of Us

And if you want to try something even bolder, consider a dark paint color accent wall or bold color accent wall on just one of your garage walls.

I love our black accent wall where I used Black Panther by Benjamin Moore:

painting a black accent wall

If you want to paint all of your garage walls a dark paint color or to create a man cave (or woman cave) vibe, go for it!

You can always paint over it if you don’t like it. That’s the best part about paint, it’s easy and inexpensive to change!

5 White Paint Color Ideas

Here are 5 favorite white garage paint color ideas based on my favorite paint colors, as well well known popular paint colors.

  1. White Dove by Benjamin Moore
  2. Simply White by Benjamin Moore
  3. Alabaster by Sherwin Williams
  4. Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore
  5. Pure White by Sherwin Williams

7 Grey Paint Color Ideas

Here are 7 favorite gray garage paint color ideas based on my favorite paint colors, as well well known popular paint colors.

  1. Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore
  2. Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore
  3. Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams
  4. Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams
  5. Dolphin Fin by Behr
  6. Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore
  7. Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams

How to Pick A Garage Wall Paint Color

Picking a garage wall paint color is very similar to how to pick a paint color for any other room in the rest of your home. Here is a summary to help you pick the right paint colors:

  1. Find paint color ideas and inspiration (the paint color ideas above and Pinterest are helpful)
  2. Narrow down the paint color ideas and get paint samples
  3. Test out the paint samples on your own garage wall and on different walls in the garage (since the lighting on each wall can change the look of a paint color)
  4. Look at the samples in different types of lighting (with artificial light, morning light, day light, etc)
  5. Consider the garage floor color, accent color features, garage cabinetry color, etc. against the garage wall paint color options
  6. Once you have narrowed it down to two paint color ideas, paint larger samples
  7. Pick the best option for your garage wall paint color!
testing out white garage wall paint color samples on garage wall

Garage Wall Paint Finishes

If you want your garage wall to be easy to clean and wipeable, a paint finish with more of a sheen to it is best to use. I would recommend eggshell or satin. Satin finishes will be a little more shiny and wipeable than eggshell.

Also, eggshell and satin both reflect more light than flat or matte finishes.

The Garage Paint Color and Finish We Chose

After considering my favorite paint colors from past projects and the above steps for picking a paint color, I chose Pure White by Sherwin Williams in eggshell.

I love white walls for a garage. And after narrowing down the two colors to Alabaster and Pure White by Sherwin Williams, I thought Pure White was a better choice since it was a little bit fresher with a tad less yellow. And it wasn’t an overly bright white, it was just right.

painting garage wall white with roller

I love how it looks on our garage wall as well as our DIY pegboard wall and shiplap wall we added. It’s beautiful next to our darker gray DIY garage cabinets too! And I love the contrast of it with our DIY garage shelves, it looks amazing!

It’s the perfect color combinations for us! And the same color white looks great on each of the different garage wall elements, making them look cohesive.

garage wall paint color ideas with white painted walls and gray painted garage cabinets

We’ve only painted one side of the garage so far, since we are working on making over the garage in sections. But, I can’t wait to paint the rest of the walls with our fresh new white paint color!

Note, this post contains some affiliate links. For more info see my disclosures here.

One last tip, before you paint your garage wall, if it’s bare, unpainted drywall like ours was, make sure to prime first! We used this primer on our wall and ceiling and it works great!

painting garage drywall with primer using a roller

Type of Paint

Some people like to use oil-based paint for garage walls due to its durability, but water based is still very durable (especially higher quality paint), easy to change, and doesn’t have a strong odor like oil-based.

We always use water-based paints and try to use VOC (volatile organic compounds) free whenever possible!

Finally, we used an interior latex paint, but consider using exterior paint if you think your garage is more subject to moisture exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color is best for garage walls?

Typically for most garages, a white or lighter gray or neutral paint color is best for garage walls. Pure White by Sherwin Williams and White Dove by Benjamin Moore are two great white paint color options.

Should garage walls be painted flat or satin?

Garage walls should be painted satin if you want them to be easy to clean, wipeable, and reflect more light. Flat paint is more difficult to clean and is best for low traffic spaces.

Is it good to paint garage walls?

Yes it is good to paint garage walls to help protect the drywall, make them easier to clean, and it looks nice too!


painting garage wall pure white by sherwin williams with roller

Paint colors are personal preferences. No matter what paint color you choose for your garage wall, as long as love the the color, that is the most important part and the best choice!

I hope these garage wall paint color ideas and round up of best paint colors was helpful and you can pick the perfect paint color for the interior of your garage! A fresh coat of paint in a garage makes a huge difference and is definitely a good idea!

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We will be making over the rest of our garage soon, so make sure to follow along! Follow on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook!

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