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Corner Pantry Organization Makeover

It’s time to share our corner pantry closet organization and final makeover reveal!

And just as a reminder, before our pantry makeover, our pantry was a disorganized mess with ugly wire shelving and very difficult to get to things. We also had way too many things in here:

messy and disorganized pantry before makeover

In case you missed last week’s blog post and YouTube video, I started this pantry makeover by clearing everything out of the pantry and placing it on our kitchen table. 

Next, I removed the ugly wire shelving and then, Brandon and I built DIY corner pantry shelves out of wood, to make the shelving both beautiful and more functional!

Now after lots of decluttering and organizing, our small pantry with new corner shelving is all organized!

DIY corner pantry organization with DIY corner closet shelves

This pantry is actually our 2nd pantry closet. We have another pantry closet across from this one that I gave a small pantry makeover to a few years ago too with DIY wood pantry shelves

That pantry holds a lot of our smaller pantry items, while this 2nd pantry closet holds our larger pantry items and overflow items.

DIY pantry makeover and organization

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Corner Pantry Organization Makeover VIDEO

Make sure to watch the pantry organization video on YouTube! It shows the whole organizing process and story of our pantry transformation!

Under Shelf Lighting

Our corner pantry closet is 24″ deep with no lighting and it’s really dark. To fix this, I ordered these under cabinet lights also known as puck lights.

I stuck one light under each shelf. There were 2 lights left over (they come in a 6-pack), so I put those at the top of the pantry for overhead lighting. 

DIY small corner pantry organization makeover with DIY corner pantry shelves

The lights come with batteries and a remote, which is so much fun haha! Make sure to see the remote control in action in the pantry organization video!

These lights are seriously the best, I didn’t know how much I needed them until now. And I love that I didn’t need an electrician to add lighting to this pantry. 

New Bins and Baskets for Pantry Organization

Before I started organizing, I knew I needed to get some new bins and baskets.

I ended up getting these large wicker baskets for all of the random kitchen tools we don’t use that often and placed them on our top shelf.

I also used one for our paper towels under the bottom shelf.

I love the corner feature of our DIY shelves, it adds so much extra storage!

corner pantry makeover with 5 wood pantry shelves

This metal shelf was perfect for stacking our Zip-lock bags and food wrap items and easily grabbing them.

Also, if you are interested in more foil and wrap organization and Ziploc bag organizers, check out our kitchen drawer organization ideas!

These clear bins are perfect for drinks and extra canned goods. 

For bulk food items, like oranges and squash, these large wire bins worked out great! I also used one for all of our kitchen linens and dish towels.

small pantry organization makeover with under shelf lighting

Small Appliances Organizing

When building our DIY corner closet shelves, I made the bottom shelf taller to fit our most often used small appliances. We put our less used small appliances in another closet.

small pantry makeover with 5 wood pantry shelves

DIY Pantry Labels

I moved our larger bulk items, like flour, sugar, and oatmeal, from our first pantry closet over to this pantry closet to make it easier for me to access. These items already had our cute DIY pantry labels on them which I love!

I made the second set of pantry labels with my Cricut when we completed our first small pantry makeover a few years ago.

But I also made some even longer ago and I have a full tutorial on how to make pantry label decals with a Silhouette Cameo and how to make pantry label stickers with a printer tutorial as well!

All of these tutorials have free pantry label printables with them, so make sure to check them out!

DIY small corner pantry organization makeover with bins and baksets holding pantry items

Overall, having a pretty and organized pantry makes me happy and makes finding everything much easier!

The corner feature of the DIY corner shelves is awesome and if you have the space for corner shelves, I definitely recommend adding them to your pantry!

Also, get yourself a pack of these under cabinet/shelf lights, they are the best and so easy to install!

What do you think? Is your pantry all organized? Tell me about it below in the comments!

Well that it’s for our pantry organizing in this house! If you want to see more pantry organizing, check out our first small pantry organization makeover. And for more pantry shelves, I have a super simple DIY pantry shelves tutorial, for non-corner wood shelves!

Also, check out our kitchen drawer organization ideas!

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