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9 Easy DIY Garage Organization & Storage Ideas on a Budget

Here are 9 DIY garage storage ideas on a budget! These easy DIY garage organization ideas will provide function and look great in your garage!

When we first moved into our home, the garage was totally empty and the walls and ceiling were all bare drywall.

After living here for almost two years, the garage started to become a huge mess and dumping ground for everything. It really started to get out of control.

So, we decided to tackle the clutter and create garage organization and storage solutions that not only provided function in the space, but that looked nice too!

garage storage ideas on a budget

Declutter the Garage

Before I get into the garage organization ideas, I do want to mention how important it is to declutter first if you’re garage is filled with stuff like our garage was!

We spent a lot of time going through everything and tried our best to donate or throw out what we could. A garage sale would have been a great idea too, but we simply didn’t have the time!

This helped tremendously to help us determine what organization and storage projects would help us the most with what we had left and what we wanted to store and also easily access.

We can finally see most of our garage floor again.

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Priming and Painting the Garage Drywall

We started updating our garage first though by priming and painting the garage walls and ceilings which were all bare drywall. This has made everything easier to see and brighter. It really does make the space feel more organized!

We used this primer and check out my best garage wall paint colors to see the paint color we used.

painting garage wall to make garage storage items easy to see

9 DIY Garage Storage Ideas on a Budget

Here are 9 DIY garage organization ideas and DIY garage storage ideas on a budget!

1. DIY Garage Cabinets

DIY garage cabinets are a great way to create closed storage in a garage. We built ours for our workshop area and to hold small tools and other similar items. We also made them extra deep!

diy garage cabinet for garage storage ideas on a budget

Our DIY garage cabinets are easy to build and a good beginner cabinet project if you have never built cabinets before. They are also budget friendly too compared to buying new cabinets!

DIY garage cabinets and DIY pegboard wall for DIy garage organization and storage ideas on a budget

2. DIY pegboard wall

A DIY pegboard wall organizer was the perfect solution for organizing and displaying my most commonly used hand tools and power tools in our garage. It’s super easy to build too!

DIY pegboard wall organizer on garage wall for garage organization diy

Another alternative to a pegboard wall is a freestanding pegboard stand DIY which is perfect if you need your pegboard to be mobile!

mobile free standing pegboard wall diy

3. DIY mobile workbench

Our DIY mobile workbench is one of my favorite garage projects ever and it provides both function with a work space for DIY projects and it provides storage too! We keep our miter saw on it and other items on the lower shelf.

Our DIY rolling workbench can work for so many purposes in a garage! And I have build plans available for it too!

DIY workbench and DIY pegboard stand for garage storage ideas on a budget

4. DIY garage shelves and storage totes

A DIY garage organization project that I think is one of the best ways to add storage is DIY garage shelves!

wood DIY garage shelves in garage for diy garage organization

Garage shelves provide so much vertical wall space storage and they can be customized to the size you need for your garage space.

Garage shelves can hold all different sizes and shapes of things, including bulky items but I bought matching grey 18 gallon storage totes, 30 gallon storage totes, and 50 gallon totes to really contain the clutter.

DIy garage shelves with storage totes for garage organization diy

The storage totes make everything look nicer and more organized, but they also really help to keep the dust off of our stuff, which is nice for seasonal items, like holiday decorations, that only gets used once per year.

I found that the 30 gallon storage totes and 50 gallon storage bins were the most helpful size for us.

DIY garage shelves with storage bins for garage storage ideas on a budget

Also, I bought labels to label them. You could do clear bins instead if you want to see what’s in them. Any kind of plastic bins is great though for open shelves.

I made the spacing on our DIY garage shelves to fit these storage totes, but you can easily customize the build plans for them to the spacing you need!

DIY wood garage shelves with plastic bins for diy garage organization

5. Install heavy duty hooks

For storing and organizing heavier items on the wall, these heavy duty steel hooks are great! You can get a pack of 12 of them for less than $25!

heavy duty steel hooks for garage storage ideas on a budget

We actually used them on the side of our DIY garage shelves to hang our ladder.

heavy duty steel hooks on garage shelves for easy garage organization
ladder on heavy duty hook for wall garage organization

But we are using other sizes of them on another wall for hanging beach chairs, heavier lawn equipment, golf bags, and our sawhorses. They are awesome for any DIY garage organization!

6. Install a broom holder

Installing a broom holder is another low cost and easy to do garage organization project and it’s a great place to store brooms, dust pans, shovels and other similar cleaning supplies!

Our broom holder was very inexpensive too!

wall broom holder with brooms and ladder on DIY garage shelves for diy garage storage

7. DIY peg rail

A peg rail is one of the DIY garage storage ideas on a budget that is easy to install, low cost, and pretty to look at too! It’s a great idea for easy access to whatever you want to hang on it and it’s a great use of vertical space.

diy garage organization ideas

It’s basically the same installation process as my DIY shaker peg wall rack except it’s longer and there are more shaker pegs next to each other.

The hardest part is just determining where you want to install the pegs on the board for the items you want to store on it!

peg rail for diy garage organization and garage storage ideas on a budget
DIY peg rail on garage wall holding garden shovels

We chose to store garden tools, shovels, kids sports equipment, and kids toys on our DIY peg rail. We also added extension cords to them after these photos.

DIY peg rail for garage organization ideas diy

8. Install wall baskets

Any kind of wall basket is great for storing and organizing things in the garage, especially small items.

wire wall baskets with kids toy storage for garage organization diy

I used this 3 pack of wire wall mount baskets to store our kids smaller toys, like sports balls, sidewalk chalk, and bubbles.

We installed them lower on the wall for the kids to easily see the toys and be an easy reach too. But, there are endless uses for them besides kids toy storage!

wire wall baskets with kids toy storage for diy garage organization

9. DIY Potting Bench

A DIY potting bench is perfect for having a dedicated spot for not only planting flowers and plants, but for storing extra planters, pots, and small shovels or gardening supplies.

I love our potting bench DIY and I have build plans available for it too!

garage storage ideas on a budget

DIY Garage Organization Ideas Video

Check out my DIY garage organization ideas video to see many of these ideas in action!

watch DIY garage organization on youtube

I hope this list of DIY garage organization ideas and DIY garage storage ideas on a budget has been helpful! Are there any garage storage space projects you have done that you love?

I’m so happy that these projects have created a lot more open floor space for us in the garage.

Make sure to check out the DIY garage cabinets and DIY garage shelves for printable build plans!

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